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Found a great vet


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Sep 22, 2018
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Hi pickles came down with a middle ear infection and I found myself by accident a brillant vets whilst looking for a out of hours vets in my area she’s been amazing her names Clare she works at the bishops stortford vets hospital rye street bishop stortford 01279 654108 she has worked really hard with the royal vets college with the things she hasn’t known how to deal with medications amounts draining ear taking swobs etc her right eye has gone blind but Clare worked so hard to try to say her eye .. its Been a long 2 weeks of 3 hour feeds but finally we are getting there her ear culture should be back this week so we will no more then .. Clare said it has been a pleasure treating her as she doesn’t get much experience with guineas due to the fact that most people when they are I’ll tell her to put them to sleep as they are not paying the money out to treat them ... which to me is very very sad so far it’s cost me nearly £450.00 with on going treatment what price is love ... she said most people put them to sleep because they are cheap and replaceable which is so incredibly sad ...my pigs are my world not replacable commodies ... thought I’d share that with you guys hope that’s ok Cheryl


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Nov 1, 2013
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Cheshire, England
We are always on the lookout for recommendations for cavy savvy vets. I’ll tag @sport_billy who can update the recommended vets locator