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What are your favourite things to give to your piggies except theit usual food mine love apples, carrots, cabbage, parsley and dried fuit. Is there anything else they love? I am always a bit wary of trying new things incase they are bad for them!


Mine mostly get cucumber, celery and carrots on a day. Then the rest is a treat, like parsley, melon, tomato, pepper!


My boys get carrot, spring greens, parsley, pear and some kale or cabbage. I alternate between the kale and cabbage as I think it is too rich for them to get it together. Brocoli also a few times a week.

One of them loves a bit of tomato but the other one won't touch it.

They both love baby corn and also the green husks of normal sized corn.

Grapes are also a fave.

I tried them on celery but they hate it! Shame as my previous piggies went crazy for it. Another thing they ignore is peppers which is also a pity as they are so full of vitamin C.


Great, thanks guys thats given me a few new things to try them on!


Freddy and Flo go mad for melon skin, but won't eat the flesh so that can be a bit messy sometimes.....great for recycling though when we've had melon!

I've also given them celery (Freddy's favourite), carrots, broccolli, spinach, apples, tried them on spring greens but they weren't too impressed and they get those dried corn on the cobs weekly. That's if Meg doesn't pull all the corn off and spit it out......I've also tried them on butternut squash but that didn't go down to well either. A friend here used to feed her gp's orange peel, apparently they'd go mad for it but I haven't tried that yet, surely it would be too acidic?

I like to make them up veg and fruit kebabs every Saturday, its our 'treat' night so why should they miss out?!
Mar 29, 2006
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Mine tend to get a bit of everything, but their favourites are radishes and dandelion leaves - they just cant get enough of them! Once they've had them, that's it - I hear nothing but squeaking until they get it again! hehehe



The actual radish or just the leaves? Ah yes, mine love dandelion leaves too. I get the strangest looks from drivers when I walk up our road home and grab all the leaves I can find from the side!
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