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Fungal Now Uri

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Mother Hubbard

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Nov 13, 2009
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Bewdley, Worcs, England
So I had a fungal outbreak, managed to contain to 3 piggies. All had 3 dippings (treatments), Marmalade who started with the infection is not doing great. Home tonight, she's puffed up, now I can hear a rattle in her chest.

This is her from Monday. So tomorrow I will be at the vets, but thoughts please, idea's suggestions? Much appreciated. I've only recently lost my gorgeous Hornpipe.WP_20150202_001.jpg
Poor you! Once the immune system is lowered, it is easy for all the usual suspect opportunists to hit. :(

Good that you have her already booked in! I would recommend to place a bowl with steaming water next to the cage (with 2 drops of olbas oils if you have some) and keep her warm and comfy in this cold weather. if you can, give her extra vitamin C or metatone to help boost her immune system.
Gosh I really feel for you... My two girls have something that looks identical to your poor Marmalade! I'm still waiting to hear back about the lab results but I'm pretty sure it will be fungal too, just stressing me out that I can't treat them until I get them prescribed something! I'm listening and watching for every little thing they do - so paranoid they will deteriorate further!

I hope all three of your pigs recover soon.
Gosh, I am surprised, I would have thought they would treat for fungal as I wouldn't have thought it would have hurt them either way. Good look with your girlies. x
An update on little Marmalade, well after a vets visit today, she's had a shot of Baytril, gut stimulant as she's stopped eating. Her breathing is laboured and the vet gave me the option of PTS, but she's such a young thing and has always been a fighter. So she's on Recovery Care added Vit C and Baytril twice daily of 0.2ml.

I have to be honest, I will be surprised if she lasts the night out. I will be up through the night feeding her, I have managed to get 1ml into her but I really think it's going to be little and very often. She's also on a heat pad, but she's pretty lifeless. She's such a gorgeous little girl.

The vets were great, I abandoned my car in the vets parking space right out front ran in, and they took her straight away.
Please please send happy wishes for her recovery. This is her, with her nose up in the air with her friends. The ever inquisitive Marm. x
Oh Lil, so sorry to read this :( Am thinking of you and you little girl

Tagging in @Pebble @helen105281 in case they have any other ideas

Sending you and Marmalade lots of love x x x
Did the vets say whether she has any fluid on her chest?
No he didn't. He wasn't really convinced she'd make it but obviously the decision is mine. I know when I make her move, she has a rattle, but when she's laying still, there's no sound from her. Her eyes are closed at the moment and she's on the sofa with me. Not sure what else I can really do to be honest.
Ok, if there had been fluid then it would have been worth giving a diuretic. Where is the rattle coming from? have you tried steam therapy?
Unusually, the rattle seems to be deep down, when one of my piggies has had it before, it been a nasal one.
Yes I had her through the night on steaming...I'll put her back on. I'm keeping her warm and obviously I removed her from her friends so I could look after her better and keep the stress levels down.
Are you able to speak to your vet tonight at all?
Yeah I probably could. I was told to wait an hour before trying to feed her, let the Baytril kick in and the gut stimulant a chance to start. I've managed another 0.5ml of recovery care. She's still got a little fight into her. Right off to get the steamer...
If you can speak to them it would be a good idea to ask about diuretic, they may turn round and say there is no fluid but at least you would know.
Thanks Helen, I will absolutely do that. That's a good idea.
I think when you are in the midst of an illness, sometimes rational thinking goes out of the window.
So against my initial thoughts, Marmalade made it through the night. She's tken very small amounts of food, kept her warm. She's fighting against the food but that's a goood sign whereas yesterday, she wouldn't fight, not tat I want her too.

I am out today but decided to take her with me, whose says I can't drive to a jewellers with a piggy? I have a lot to do that I need to do. Ooh the sacrifices!
Vibes for little Marmalade. x x
Thanks Lee. I'm pretty exhausted. I've upgraded the steaming, didn't feel it was robust enough. She's responding better to that though. She even joined me in the bathroom to enjoy a gentle steam from the shower. She'll be back a the vets tomorrow for a check up and potential directic. WP_20150206_004.jpg
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