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Huey Ling Tan

Junior Guinea Pig
Feb 21, 2015
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Hi all fellow piggie slaves,

I thought of telling you a funny moment between my husband and Digger. A bit of background, he has never had a guinea pig before and never heard of it until I brought Digger home. So, for him, learning curve is high. He did not know many things about them and thought Digger lost his tail in an accident (roll eyes).

Anyways, while digger is having his floor time, my husband came home and looked at him. Digger was exactly the same size as his shoe! He cross his arms and said, "I now know how God feels. Pray you little one pray..." Digger just didn't bother and walked away. My husband has not learn rule number 1, we are actually Digger's slave and he is the God in the house. :)

Any other funnies anyone else know?
The time my Chispita jumped like a rabbit. It was pretty weird. He was going to eat but instead of walking, he jumped... LIKE A RABBIT! Is that even possible?
Yes last night I heard rustling coming from under my piggies cafe. We got up but couldn't hear or see anything... So we go back to bed and it started again. I was convinced there was a rat so we had another look. Low and behold who comes forward? Baby beanie lol. He somehow escaped his cage and was rummaging in the food and hay!
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