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Giving Up Smoking

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Mar 6, 2012
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Suffolk, UK
Hi Guys
I just wondered if there were any fellow/ex-smoker on here?

Me and my husband have been chatting over the past couple of weeks about giving it a go, those awful adverts that are currently on have spurred us on. Anyway, we brought ourselves a couple of those eliquid cigarettes at the weekend and said we would start using them to cut down on the cigarettes. All week I have been using my ecig and just having one normal roll up per day, after work when hubby gets home.
Hubby has been using his during the day but with a few ciggys thrown in the middle but still cutting them down. The only problem is I'm finding it really hard to not nag and say something like 'just don't take your tobacco to work, that way you can't switch between them'. Fortunately I'm someone who is an all or nothing and I'm finding it really hard to not say anything as I understand everyone deals with things in a different way and I'm worried if I push too hard he may end up just giving up on the ecig. The problem with this though is I am finding it increasingly difficult to say no to that one roll up a day, its almost like cutting the final tie.
Its a feeling I cant really explain. In my mind I know how bad smoking is, and that its a false high, you think your having something good when in fact its not but I feel like I'm going to missing out on something if I let go all together, especially if my hubby can't let go as quick as me as we both know its easier to give up if your both on board as I gave up for about 6 months a year agobut it was really hard seeing him smoke each day,the temptation was far to large. its those awkward situations when you go out socially and you feel like something is missing, like I say its a feeling I cant explain, I'm hoping there some others on here who can explain.
I'm not really after a response I just need somewhere to express how I'm feeling as all this is just floating round my head and clogging it up. x
Hi Hun,

I have been an occasional social smoker over the years, but never ever been a full time smoker and i now will never every touch a fag again as i now realise its hideous. My best friend used to smoke regularly until i saw her once for the first time in a long while, she had just put out a fag as she knocked on my door, i answered it and she immediately came in to give me a hug and kiss on the cheek, and me being me and opening my mouth before engaging my brain said oh my god you stink, the smell was awful, her breath was revolting, her hair and clothes stank and was her hair was really dry, i had seen a big difference in her appearance from the last time i saw her since she had started smoking, and it was that moment that she gave up, she now thanks me for being so open and honest as i told her everything i have just typed. She has vowed to never touch a cigarette again and 2 years on she still hasn't, her physical fitness and general health is so much better since.

I know it wont be easy for you giving up and i wish you luck x
My husband and I bought the mirage efags he gave up at once but I still smoked about four fags a day for a few months. To be honest I never thought I would stop as I enjoyed it so much but about two months ago I just stopped the fags.I do understand how you feel I actually felt frightend to stop :lol!: no idea why but I think it had been part of my life for so long it just frightened me. We made a pact that we wouldn't push or nag each other and we haven't.in fact a friend came yesterday and I had some of her fag and didn't enjoy it at all :D
I'm like natz, I've never smoked, not even tried as a kid. I'm 48 this year and not going to start. ;)
Nicky thankyou for that, it's good to hear it from someone whose been through it, frightened is exactly the word when I think about it. I will keep you posted on progress x
I'm not a smoker so can't give personal experience. But my mum has smoked for years and years and my sister and I nagged her to stop. She got very annoyed with us, but it did work!

She brought one of the ecigarettes and cut to one normal one every now and again pretty much right away.
She described it as more of a habit than a addiction. Have a cup of coffee, go out an have a cigarette at the same time.

And now she doesn't even use the ecig. Although she started talking about using it again because my grandads carers came in flaunting theirs off last night :hb: so it put it back into her mind again.

But I wish both you and your husband lots of luck! Keep us posted on how you go!x
I'd advise you to get an Ecigarette (Unless either of you suffer from COPD, then there are risks associated with the ecigarette and exaccerbation of COPD symptoms), I couldn't have quit without one. However, obviously the Ecigarette is just as addictive as it contains nicotine, but you will very quickly notice a change in your complexion, breathing, energy, smell of your clothes, your sense of taste and smell (the list goes on) I've been smoking the ecigarette for years, and am struggling to give it up, but I would rather be addicted to this than cigarettes any day. :)

And when you feel ready you can gradually lower the dose of nicotine in your efluid and start using 0% nicotine fluid. Then it's just about kicking the habit having it there and wanting the throat hit. (I've just not reached the 0% nicotine stage yet ;))
Ecigs (vapes) are the best! I had no intention of giving up smoking, I enjoyed it way too much. My OH got an ecig and I laughed....then got one myself a few months later. I have now not been smoking for nearly 2 years (just my ecig). I don't intend to give up my ecig as it's not doing me any harm. The juiced used is made from vegetable glycerin, flavour (which can be used in food) and of course, nicotine.
My mum has done 12 months on the e-cigs, would never turn back. She's stopped coughing and can run again!
There's certainly ecigs, my OH just quit with using one, where you get different levels of nicotine and different flavours. I think it's easier to quite with those as your Still getting nicotine but it gets rid of all the other horrible chemicals that's in normal cigarettes.
I think he started off with high nicotine then went down to low nicotine and then no nicotine but was still using it because its more habit to pick something up and stick it in your mouth, which is the hardest thing to break.
If your interested I could ask him for the name of the brand he used? He researched them a lot aswell.
Took him about a month and a half to stop completely and I honestly thought he'd never stop!
Good luck with your quit attempt. I personally don't like the idea of e-cigs as there isn't much research on their long term effects but if you tried without anything or with another medications (there is several you can try, not just patches and gum) then it is an option.
Nicky thankyou for that, it's good to hear it from someone whose been through it, frightened is exactly the word when I think about it. I will keep you posted on progress x
Good luck and if you do have a CIG my advice would be don't beat your self up about it just take one day at a time x

Wow I am a new member here and this is literally the first post I am making!

I smoked for about 10 years, I tried to quit so many times and with lots of methods e.g cold turkey... gum... but always went back to smoking. At one point i started using an e-cig too and ended up using it loads more than I would have smoked. I literally started to get so depressed thinking I will never be able to stop and feeling like I was trapped in a vicious circle. It really clouded my vision too and made me feel trapped... I thought i would never be able to stop.

Then I read Allen carrs the easyway to quit smoking and oh my god it has saved me! I read the reviews and didn't believe that it would actually help but it has. It focuses on getting rid of nicotine altogether though, and the good thing is you are allowed to smoke the whole way through the book and he tells you to do things while you smoke and i don't know how it works but you just start to feel stronger about quitting.

I finished the last page three days before xmas and haven't touched ANY form of smoking since, and I feel amazing to be free from it. I really recommend it to anybody in a similar situation

It makes you realise by swapping to e-cigs you are not getting rid of the problem you are just transferring it to a different method.

Good luck x
well, i gave up smoking when i moved jobs and my salary reduced by the amount i spent on fags, as i didnt really have a choice but to give the job a go as i had bills to pay etc i went for it and gave up. This was in 2001!

At first i smoked when i went out but tbh it made me feel that woozy after about 2 months that i just gave up completely.

I have to be the most smug ex smoker ever, i used to buy 20 a day and would always take a full pack of 20 on a night out and not come home with any! If i can do it anyone can, believe me, i smoked four fags before i even got to work. It is the most smelly horrible disgusting habit anyone can ever have, but there is only you than can want to do it, no one else will make any difference to you. it is the best thing i have ever done in my life (other than rescuing my babies) and i will never ever smoke again.

Really really really wish anyone attempting to give up lots of good luck because it is one of the hardest things in the world. Telling myself one day at a time and if i managed a day i can do another is all that got me through it and by telling myself that IF i wanted one i could have one i was a grown up after all.

wow thank you to all the responses. This is what I love about this forum, you can just talk about stuff and hear about other peoples experiences. I am truely grateful and thanks to everyones words I've actually done the last 2 days just with the ecig, everytime I think about wanting one I think of your stories and they give me the energy to power through xx
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