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going to grow own veggies

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Jan 23, 2006
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hubbys just got in on a break and said, we are now going to grow your pigs own cabbage etc, he has ordered some plants to to put in our garden, does any one else do it and do you have any growing tips?
We tried but our rabbits just ate all of them while they where still growing lol
Buy some chicken pellets(poo) excellent stuff. Are you doing potatoes or strawberries?
cabbages and carrots but we did try strawberrys last year
even buying an expensive special pot but they were not all that worth eating, we do have rhubarb growing but thats for Mick's crumble, personally cant stand the stuff,
I'm growing my own parsley, corriander and basil. So far the parsley is growing well at the moment and I just have a little shot of corriander growing out of the ground.

Strawberries do very well in hanging baskets. Not grown cabbage or carrots before. I'm sur eits fairly easy. Potatoes are very easy too and to can grown them all year round in buckets or big tubs. anything really. good luck and hope it goes well. Just one thing arent you suppose to plant in march/april though?
these are already growing but am getting them home here to replant, I forgot am also growing parsley for piggy treats of course, I grew runner beans and tomatoes before and they did well so we shall see how well I do,
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