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Good Book On Guinea Pig Care

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Feb 23, 2014
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Herefordshire, England
I run the library in a Landbased FE college.

I'm currently updating the books on small mammal care. I know some of our guinea pig care books are very outdated - some containing sections that state 'guineas should be kept in small hutches as they're scared of open spaces and don't need much exercise' etc. These need recycling asap in my view!

I've bought a couple of the Peter Gurney books, and we have the guinea piglopaedia, but was wondering if there was anything out there that anyone could recommend? Good information on larger species and farm livestock is just soooo much easier to find!
Sadly, there is currently nothing around. Things have changed so much and are still very much in flux at the moment. Even we are updating our information all the time, and we try our best to provide the best there is!
If you find anything please let me know.
Or perhaps one of our lovely forum members would like to write one? Perhaps in conjunction with a friendly vet?
I have been scouring my normal suppliers and haven't found anything.

Things do seem to be improving in the rabbit department though, so perhaps something better will be written about pigs soon.

Now to start looking at rats, mice and reptiles....
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