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Good Samaritans

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Sometimes it is easy to get down with all the sad things that go on in the world. I thought it may be nice to share stories of strangers who had been kind to you. Here is mine. In Tesco I was using the self service machine and it kept rejecting my money. A woman next to me gave me her coins to swap with mine to see if they would work and they did. That was so kind of her and she saved me a lot of trouble.

Would anybody like to share a story of something nice happening to them?
When I was embarking upon my nightmare journey back to Swansea the other week, I had two heavy bags and was struggling.
An elderly man rushing to get to his train due to depart any second, stopped on the stairs and asked if I needed any help. I declined because I didn't want him to miss his train as there wasn't another, plus they were extremely heavy.
But I thought it was lovely, bless him.
On the odd occasion when I've had to walk to the nearest town (4 miles each way), I've never once had to walk all the way there and back, as some kind middle aged / elderly lady has always stopped and offered a lift. And we've had a lovely chat as well! People are very friendly and helpful around here!
I went to a convention yesterday. As I have a phobia of public transport (and people in general) a guy who I'm friends with and finally met in May, who was also going to the convention travelled from London to meet me at my station (50min journey away) and take me the convention. He also took me back to the station on the way home again so I wouldn't have to worry about public transport on the journey back either.
We had a lovely time hanging out together and with another of my friends also at the convention.
My piggy sitter had the horrible job of caring for my dying piggie. We rushed back but didn't make it (we both cried all the way back). When we got to hers, she had her wrapped up on the sofa with a little bunch of flowers on top picked from their garden. So much care was taken it helped us knowing she was respected.
My car battery died whilst at work (community carer) a lady came out and offered to help jump start my car for me. It was very nice of her.
I went to Ikea not long ago, and we finished having breakfast then disaster struck! Me being clumsy and also the plate was really heavy, I dropped the plate and a nice lady came to help me pick up the pieces of the broken plate
When we had floods in our area we were very lucky not to be flooded but we had no electric for four days.A kind lady a few doors away who at that time we only knew to say 'hello' to still had power in her house so brought us a hot meal round every night.I can't tell you what this ment to us.
I was having a particularly bad day at work recently and when I came in the next morning the girl (now my friend) on the next desk along had bought me a box of Cadbury's Heroes to cheer me up :)
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