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Goodbye Baby Ash

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Aug 20, 2014
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Cheam, Surrey
Goodbye Ash, you were only less than 3 days old but you were already so special to us. We all lived you and we will miss you, may have lots grass, warmth and happiness over the rainbow bridge. ❤ InstagramCapture_50055284-ef1e-41d4-8069-34cd158a4161.jpgWP_20150123_11_12_53_Pro.jpg
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I am so sorry for your loss! Ash was a gorgeous baby! It is always so heart-breaking when a little life comes into the world just to stumble out of it again.

Popcorn at the Rainbow Bridge, Ash! You have been loved and you are much missed by your human mummy.
I've made your bottom photo bigger so we can see that handsome little piggy. So sorry for your loss.
So sorry for the loss of your beautiful mini piggy, taken far too soon. Huge hugs

Sleep well little one

x x
Its always a tough one with babys, He was beautiful, see you soon little Ash x :luv:
SO very sorry for your sad loss.

Just shows how quickly these tiny guys grab your heart.
So sorry for your loss, Ash was such a beautiful little baby Piggie. Play well over the Rainbow Bridge with all your other Piggie friends.

R.I.P Ash x
I'm really sorry to hear that this sweet little one didn't make it. Rest in peace baby Ash.
Alas all good things must come to an end. All the living things must sadly pass away. Baby Ash was a gorgeous baby and I hope little Ash popcorns happily over rainbow bridge knowing he will be sadly missed by all who loved him.
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