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Goodbye Cocoa And Cookie Only 4 Days Old

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Aug 20, 2014
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Cheam, Surrey
Goodbye Cocoa and Cookie who were so small and precious. It was so hard to see your little lives gradually fading, we tried so hard to help you survive but you were just too small. Good luck over the rainbow bridge, you will join your brother who sadly went before you. May you be happy where you are now and suffer no more. You will always be remembered and loved!InstagramCapture_91c6a3df-164a-475e-b4cb-83bf72e57c86.jpg InstagramCapture_c39575d4-2d2b-42ad-ba84-6f53074f880f.jpg WP_20150126_21_04_30_Pro.jpg InstagramCapture_692cb3ad-20ce-4f0e-bc5f-eae8171d4fb7.jpg
I am so sad that none of your gorgeous little cuties have made it despite your best efforts. It is so heart-breaking for you and poor mummy pig! :(

Popcorn free with your little brother Ash, Cookie and Cocoa; you have been much loved!
oh no, it is so sad when you lose a young soul. I am very sorry about your heartbreak. Sending you heart healing vibes.
I am so sorry for your losses, heartbreaking. Hugs

RIP Cocoa & Cookie
x x
I'm so very sorry about the loss of your gorgeous babies. You're all in my thoughts x
Thank you all for your kind words. Happily we still have 2 baby piggies from the same litter of 5 left and they seem to be thriving. They were much bigger, at 71g and 86g 2 days after birth when Cookie was only 37g and Cocoa 49g. My daughter thinks the mini pigs had an upper respitory tract infection which I understand is very contagious so we are keeping a close eye on the other babies and so far all seems well. I can't bear what has happened, but at least we have 2 beautiful baby piggies to love and that makes them all the more precious! x
Fingers firmly crossed for your two remaining ones; I hope that they continue to do well!
My Rebel was an only child so he got all the nourishment which is probably why he was a fat little piggy. ;)
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