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Got A Phone Interview In 30 Minutes!

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Jennifer D

Teenage Guinea Pig
Nov 21, 2014
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Alberta, Canada
Hey everybody! I've got a phone interview in 30 minutes and I really NEED this job! It would be back to forestry for the summer season as I took last summer off from forestry which turned out to be a huge financial mistake :( Now, I'm working at the kennel which is good, but I can't make any headway financially making $15 an hour (which is really decent for a kennel but just not enough to pay off the bills!) on my single person income :( SEND ME AWESOME VIBES! God, I hope I get it!
You don't need luck :-) but as you've asked I wish you all the best anyway and have my fingers crossed. Do let us know how it goes
AGH! That was one of the most professional interviews I've done in a long time! Yikes! Forestry is one of those things where once you're in, you don't really need to do interviews anymore- it's more word of mouth. So of course I suck at interviews. And I also prepared all the same old boring questions that you usually get in an interview and they DIDN'T EVEN ASK ONE! Bahhhh! I think I did alright though. Man, awkward moment when they ask you what the company you've worked for for 12 years is all about and you stumble over an answer! Never saw that one coming! What the hell DO they do?! Hahaha!
Sending positive vibes Jen :D. I have a friend who works in forestry, he is a Druid.
Best of luck. Interviews are so stressful, I hope you get the news you want within the week.
I GOT THE JOB! I'm so happy :) I'm finally going to be able to make a dent in the bills! I start March 9th too, which was a bit of a shock- usually the start time is mid april, but this is even better! I've told my current boss at the kennel and she's a really nice lady so she said it was fine :) Yay! So happy! Since I will be living in a shared no pets bunkhouse, Vixen is going to stay with my sister and her lonely pig, so the arrangement couldn't be better! Plus, I'll only be two hours away so I can still visit. Things are looking up :yahoo:
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