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Grooming - Help Please Guys

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Zoe Baldwin

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Oct 5, 2014
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Hey guys wondering if anyone can help, my piggies have long hair and I have to brush them everyday which they hate, tried feeding their fave treat whilest doing it and they're not interested, especially when it comes to cuttin the hair they literally hate it and won't sit still...nothing works! any advice for me and helping make this less stressful for my beloved piggies would be greatly appreciated xx


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Aww they are gorgeous. :love::love:

I think it's just a matter of perseverance I am afraid. Do the shavings stick to their fur? As if that's the problem there are other kinds of bedding that can be used.
Not really I brush them regularly so it doesn't stick, the black ones hair is never an issue it's the blonde one it's like an Afro lol! I've trimmed it as much as I can I just worry I don't want matting to occur
Aww how cute look at that booty hahaha thanks a lot I think they've forgiven me there eating carrot and loving life now until the next hair cut haha
Try this: When you get them out to groom the, stroke them softly and speak to them in a soothing voice. Once you think they are calm enough, smoothly take the brush through their fur. Try not to get it tangled in any knots or anything. Just keep doing that every day until it works!
I don't have long haired piggies, so this may or may not work. But hey- it never hurts to try! As for the hair trimming, I can't help you with that part, sorry.
Your piggies are adorable. The bottom is almost as beautiful as the face!
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