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Guess What I Got For My Birthday?

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Mother Hubbard

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Nov 13, 2009
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Bewdley, Worcs, England
Well I couldn't think what I wanted so the hubbie rang me on the way home and said come home asap...naturally I did as the traffic would allow....only to be presented with a animal cardboard box...I am welcoming two boars. They care called Bruno and Mars...hahaha funny I thought.

Anyway, it was my intention on getting Edward a new friend, but now I have totally runout of cages etc. So goodness what I'll do now. Probably do some bonding as I've use my last cage up and have officially ran out of room.

For the moment I am letting them settle in they are very skittish, well one of them is anyway, so I'll get some pics up real soon.

I should add he adopted from them from P@H.

So the piggy house is now officially full. I started with 3 piggies and I now have 8:yikes:...the herd continues to grow...LOL.

So welcome Bruno & Mars :wub:
Thanks. It's tomorrow, I am being cheeky and feel like it's been my birthday today instead. Had a great day at work and now chilling with a Vodka and Tonic...yum yum.
Congratulations on your new arrivals :)

Love their names and cannot wait for pigtures once they have settled :) Your gang really have continued to grow and grow! x
Bless him - and he went to the trouble to look for adoptable piggies. Certainly a memorable birthday!

Looking forward to pictures once the boys have settled down.
How sweet! What a lovely present from your husband!

Happy birthday for tomorrow!

What colour are they? =)
Bruno is the black faced one and Mars is the all brown...Mars is much bigger than Bruno, I had to do a double check it was a sow and not pregnant, first thing I thought when I saw him, but I reconfirmed it's a he this morning. They are approximately 6-7 months old, although I think Bruno is probably around 4-5 based on the size of his feet. They've had 20 mins out today with some lap time getting used to noise and smells. We all know how long that takes - forever!
Anyway, had cake this morning for breakfast! Oops
What an amazing present. Lucky boars to be adopted by you and yours x
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