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Guinea pig and tummy issues


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Aug 17, 2020
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Hello and thanks for opening my thread.

I adopted my new guinea pig Rosie (3 months old) 5 days ago with her new friend and sister Lily (4 months).

Rosie was so nervous the first 2 days she would barely eat. So I helped her with a syringe and some food mix diluted with water. As of now, she is eating very well. She loves pellets, I wish she would eat more hay, veggies have been a definite hit.

Yesterday morning I noticed soft stool in the cage. It was not diarrhea but still made a mess and was not solid. I immediately stopped giving veggies. Then overnight she made a pretty big mess in her house, her bum was a tiny bit dirty and the fleece blanket as well. But it was still the same consistency.

Today she is a lot better and her waste looks more normal, though deformed. And she cramped up a little bit when doing her business.

I might be overreacting as it obviously takes time for their tummy to get better again, but I am really worried. She has been acting totally normal, she plays, popcorns like a goofball, drinks a lot, eats. I hate seeing my animal in pain.

Is the cramping a bad sign or is it normal with an upset tummy?


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Aug 2, 2018
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Please have her seen by a vet, it’s always wise with new piggies anyway, but particularly if she is in pain.
Was she used to eating veg before she came to you? You need to always introduce veg and grass slowly as too much too soon can cause gut problems
Keep her off veggies until poops go back to normal (and for a further 24 hours afterwards) and only feed hay (pellets should always be kept limited to one tablespoon per day, they should never have constant access to pellets) until poops normalise
You should weigh piggies weekly as part of routine care, but when an illness is present or suspected, then weigh daily at the same time each day. It’s the only way to know they are eating enough hay (veg is 50g per day (equating to 15% of the daily food intake) and pellets is one tablespoon per day (5% of the daily food intake).

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