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Guinea Pig Books

What Guinea Pig Books have you got or read?

  • Guinea Piglopaedia

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  • Guinea Pig (Collins Famliy Pet Guides) - Peter Gurney

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  • Care for Your Guinea Pig (RSPCA Pet Guides S.)

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  • The Sex Life of Guinea Pigs

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  • Guinea Pigs (A Complete Pet Owner's Manual)

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  • The Guinea Pig Handbook

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Jan 23, 2006
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From the list of options available in the poll, which of the books have you got/read?

Also write on this thread which books you recommend to get.

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I have read all Peter Gurney's books and the Guinea Piglopedia. Also the RSPCA's piggy book and a few others.
I've read them all and own some of them ;D I am a fan of Peter Gurney and think that his Collins book is a definate must for any cavy owner. Its really useful with some good humour along the way :D
love all of peter gurneys books, I like the way you can read and it doesnt seem like your learning but after youve read it you think, wow I know that now... and just the funny way he writes... hope theres more books on the way
Peter Guerney's book is great and a brilliant basic reference guide. O0 Ideal for the beginner (like me!). All Collin's books in general seem to be good tho. Its so sad that Peter died recently. :(
i have the peter gurney book its very good i read it about 10times
I was given 'Guinea Pig (Collins Famliy Pet Guides) - Peter Gurney' so I have that..I would love to have 'Guinea Piglopaedia' too. (where did people buy it from?)
My mum has 3 peter gurney books, don't know what they're called though, but they have TONS of extremely useful info in them! I think they're great to read!
♥Ali-loves-piggies♥ said:
My mum has 3 peter gurney books, don't know what they're called though, but they have TONS of extremely useful info in them! I think they're great to read!
They are piggy potions Peter Gurney
The proper care of guinea pigs by Peter Gurney
Guinea pig a practical guide for caring for your guinea pig this is the Collins book again Peter Gurney
Have a couple more that I want to get piglopeada is next on my list :)
I've got about 18 guinea pig books but my fav are of course Peter Gurneys and Guineapiglopedia, all fantastic I even have a vets one with guinea pig illnesses which can be hard to understand but also gives you an insight into vet care of them , its called diseases of domestic guinea pigs by VCG Richardson 2nd edition
Toffee4ever said:
Love all Peter Gurney's book especially Piggy Potions.

the pigture of the guinea pig wrapped in the towel makes me laugh with speach bubbles like "#$%&" HAHA cracks me and mum up every time!
Yes I love them all, I think they are so funny and true to life.
I bought The Sex Life of Guinea Pigs by Peter Gurney last year...it's a brilliant book full of loads of info on mating, pregnancy, birth and motherhood. It's the only book you'll ever need if you find yourself with a pregnant piggy O0
The best book I have is an animal planet one - I bought it in the USA

Peter G is a legend - Piggy Potions is one of my faves
I have read the guineapiglopedia and peter gurney's piggy potions. they are a great read and i can not recommend them enough. :)
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