Guinea pig Feature Week: Day 1 - Banner

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Adult Guinea Pig
Jun 27, 2020
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Greater Manchester
So as we have the 7 boys at the moment, we wanted to feature a guinea pig per day this week. The boys have agreed to go in age order (so no squabbling)!

Day 1:
Our beautiful OAP boy Banner. We rehomed Banner with his much younger buddy Rocket around Easter time last year. Based on his older boar characteristics, and what we know of his history, we estimate Banner to be around 5 or 6 years old.

Banner is a Californian bred piggy (note his Koala bear like appearance, markings and dark eyes.

Such a sensitive boy (who is very easily bullied), Banner (he does not live up to his Bruce Banner name), likes to live in his own large space with plenty of interaction with the other piggy pairs surrounding him. He calls them his younger, hooligan neighbours!

We have tried to re-bond Banner on several occasions since his buddy Rocket left us for the Rainbow Bridge last year, but he’s too easily bullied and very sensitive. He is now more than happy living in his own secure space, with interaction through the bars.

So we want to dedicate today to Banner (Ban-Ban) our very sweet natured boy who still popcorns around like he’s still a teenager. His favourite food is coriander and his favourite activity is nap time 💕💕💕