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Guinea Pig Has Cut Inside Ear?

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Dec 15, 2014
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I have two 12 week old boars that live together.
They seem to get alone well, but I've recently noticed that the smaller of my two pigs has a cut on the inside of his ear.
There's some dried blood, which I cleaned off, and the cut feels hard-ish, which is weird.
I was wondering if maybe it was my other boar who did this, or maybe it's something else?
I've never seen them fighting before so it's a little worrying.
It is more likely to be from him scratching himself I would think. Does he scratch a lot? Is it possible to post a photo?
It is more likely that he has cut himself with a sharp toenail than an accident for not getting out of the way quick enough.

If a piggy is shaking his head or scratching regularly, please have him checked by a vet re. ear mites or ear infection.
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