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Guinea Pig Keeps Sneezing?

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Dec 15, 2014
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I have a 14 week old boar who keeps sneezing, and I'm starting to worry.
He's also making a noise when he breathes that sounds similar to when you breathe when you have a cold.
He's still eating and drinking.

I'm incredibly concerned about him, and the vets isn't open on a Sunday and I'm not sure what to do.

Thank you.
Sounds like your boy could possibly have an Upper Respiratory Infection. Does he have a snotty nose or any crusting around it or his eyes? Any heavy or laboured breathing at all? Or has he had a change in bedding recently? Do you use shavings or similar? Someone more experience in health and illness should be along soon, sending healing vibes. If it is a URI that getting him to a very is paramount as they can go down hill very fast. Where are you located? It could help us find an emergency vet that is near you.
There's no discharge around his eyes or nose.
I changed his bedding yesterday and he just has hay.
I live in Fleetwood, near Blackpool.

Hi, if you use the vet locator at the top of the page and put in your postcode it will bring up the nearest piggy savvy vets to you. If he just has hay and it isn't dusty then i'd be more inclined to think URI which needs treating as soon as possible. If you give your usual vet a call or one of the ones on the locator they should have an emergency number to contact and you can speak to a vet or make an emergency appointment. I hope this helps.
He seems alright at the moment.
He's stopped making the noise, and sneezing.
He's been eating some herbage that I put out for them and he's been chasing his cage mate around.
I'm wondering now if there's nothing wrong with him?
If he's stopped and he sounds fine then keep a close eye on him, but its still probably worth ringing a vet for advice.
My girl was sneezing a lot and she had a uri and needed antibiotics. So might be worth giving the vets a ring. Glad he doesn't seem as bad though. Fingers crossed it's nothing!
I'd get him to a vet as soon as possible. Is there an emergency vet close by? If so I'd take him there, but if not I'd definitely be wanting to get him to a regular vet tomorrow. As others have said it sounds like a URI which can progress quickly. Even if he's stopped I'd be wanting to take him to the vets as guinea pigs are very good at hiding illnesses.

Keep a close eye on him until you can get him to a vet. It's good that he's eating and drinking but I wouldn't be taking any chances.

I hope he feels better soon :)
I agree with getting him checked, you can never be too careful. Did the sneezing start before or after you changed the bedding? what were they bedded on previously?
Thank you everyone very much for the help.
I rang our normal vet who said that it sounded like it could've been the dust from the hay, as he's stopped sneezing and seems fine in himself.
I've been told to take him in tomorrow just in case, but it's looking like good news.

Thank you!
All the best for tomorrow! Piggies can get irritating dust and pollen into their noses if they are tucking into their hay too enthusiastically, but it is certainly better to have him checked.
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