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Guinea Pigs First Floor Time!

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Jan 16, 2015
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It has been 2 wheeks (see what I did there :nod:) since we brought home our newest piggie pair, ( Penelope & Lemmity ) They both are very very clever, as both of them are litter trained already. And are also very tame as they are taking food from me with no fuss. As I'm writing this the guinea pigs are having floor time. I cant post pictures atm tho but I have scattered around veggies and have lots of toys for them to play with! and a little pile of hay.
You are lucky having litter trained guinea pigs.

My trio have had floor time today. They are back in their cage now and I have a load of fleeces to wash - and I had to mop the floor down!
Ditto everyone's comment about how lucky your are to have them litter trained!

Love watching them have floor time it's so cute, their always so excited. It's just the mess after, poops everywhere, pee's to wipe up and fleece to wash! =_=
You're lucky to have litter trained piggies! My pigs are almost litter trained but aren't quite there yet... I still get a couple odd pieces of poop on their fleece though! :doh:
Very lucky! My girls are messy so and so's! They sound adorable :)
Thanks :) They are so clever with those little puzzles you can buy aswell xx I'm really lucky
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