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Gus's Wet Sneezes: Round 3!

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Teenage Guinea Pig
Oct 29, 2014
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Boston, Massachusetts USA
So, back again are my little man's wet sneezes, as of last night. First thing this morning I contacted his vet & they happily gave me a refill in his meds and as soon as the kids I Nanny are off for home, Ruby & I will go, with Gus, to both pick up his antibiotics and to get an accurate weight on my little nugget man! Call me "overprotective", but I've lost too many piggies to the dreaded URI...! Safe over sorry! More info to come as his story unfolds...
Ok- back from the vets and Mr.Gus was a trooper! He now weighs 1 pound 10 ounces and, aside from his wet sneezes is a big, handsome, strong little fella! He is back on a round of Tribrissen (0.5ml) 2x's a day for 5 days. First dose given tonight, tomorrow will be a two dose day. So far, so good! (And FYI: the vet tech commented on how handsome he was, so I asked her if she wanted to hold him. She said she was afraid of guinea pigs because EVERY ONE she has ever attempted to hold has bit her. I chuckled and said, "not my Gus, he's a lover not a fighter! I PROMISE you, he won't bite you!" Although hesitant, she picked him up and he immediately assumed his snuggle spot on her shoulder & started wheeking happily! MY BOY!)

*proud Momma grin*
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