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Hand Held Vacuum Recommendation

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Jul 23, 2015
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Which hand held vacuumes do you use for picking up poops, hay etc?

I'm thinking of buying one as hay gets all over the floor and at the moment I'm using a dust pan and brush, which isn't so easy on carpet! And I'm too lazy to lug the big dyson up and down the stairs each week! (No, my upstairs doesn't get hoovered regularly!)
I'm very interested in this too, I've tried a few different ones (no idea what the brands are, but not expensive ones) and I've broken them with the hay :))

I'm back to dustpan and brush too XD
I think the Dysons are supposed to be amazing. My Dad has an excellent hand held hoover that works really well on hay :)) but I'd need to check which model and brand he has. The big Miele hoover we have works well with hay, otherwise I just pick it up off the carpet.
I have a dyson, but I use my old hoover for the hay & poops as I don't want to mess it up!
Oh dear @Cavy Kung-Fu , that doesn't sound promising!

I don't really want to spend a lot so I may have to stick to the brush! Or get less lazy!
Get a Dyson Fluffy.
It is battery operated (no cords, but fully rechargeable) and can be either a regular hoover, or hand held.
It isn't cheap but it really is fab, and I lost count of the number of cheaper versions that died before I got one.
Whoa! Just googled that Dyson. Can't justify spending that much when I could just carry the upright upstairs!
It was the stairs that did it for me in the end.
I live in a 4 story house, and carrying the main hoover up and down those stairs was nearly the death of me - the Fluffy has more than paid for itself, but if I lived in a house with less stairs, I think I would also balk at paying that sort of money for a hoover.
I use an old Dyson hand held. It must be 9 years old and I'm on my second battery. It's the one with a yellow top and it's great for poo cleaning. It doesn't lift the cage liners because they are heavy.

I only use that cleaner for poo cleaning.
I broke my hoover with hay and poop. There's a nifty little jml brush that gets things out of carpet it's like a rubber brush. I'm so glad my new house has laminate flooring lol x
I have a dyson and use the handheld cordless attachments for my piggies. Lidl have an offer on a cordless handheld vacuum at the mo I think for £50 with a three year guarentee so might well be worth a look!
I have the dyson dc16 and I don't know how I managed without it! Might be able to get a second hand one from eBay :)
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