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Happy Gotcha Day, Pixel And Widget!

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Jan 19, 2014
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One year ago today, after months and months of pleading with my husband to let me have some guinea pigs, we pulled up at a farm where two sows were being held for me. There, in a horrible draughty plastic crate, were some frightened piggies who had clearly not had much interaction with people. The two girls - the last ones in the litter - were clearly terrified but as soon as I saw them I knew they were coming home with me.

During the car ride home, I suggested a wide range of 'conventional' names but my husband didn't take much interest until I came up with Pixel and Widget, in an attempt to appeal to his techie side. The names stuck, and soon Pixel and Widget arrived at their new home - a cosy cage in our lounge. Too terrified to move, they froze in the spots where they were placed until we left the room, and weren't seen again for a good week afterwards.

Along with surprise baby Thor (did I mention they were both pregnant when I bought them?!) Pixel and Widget are completely unrecognisable from the frightened baby girls we brought home a year ago. Fully grown and full of confidence (although Widget less so, and we think her worried face will never change!), they are totally part of the family and have changed my life completely.

Happy Gotcha Day to my lovely ladies! :luv:
Happy gotcha day stunning girlies. What a stroke of luck they found a wonderful home with you.
Happy Gotcha day to two of my fav's on here :drool:
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