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Harley Is Getting A Little Brother

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Aug 14, 2012
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Glasgow Scotland
I'm so excited for Harley he is getting a little brother he's 4months old a rescue pig and he's so small I hope Harley doesn't try humping him cause he will crush him Harley is a big lad he weighs 1.85kg :lol!: yep he loves his grub. The rescue lady is meeting me on Thursday so I can collect the new addition to the family I'm so scared. x
Great new. Harley sounds like a BIG boy;-) have you posted any pictures of him recently?
Yay, that's really nice! I hope you post some photos when he arrives!
Btw, Harley really is a big piggy, wow!
Best of luck!

Best ask the rescue lady what kind of donation she is looking for; it varies from rescue to rescue.
oh I didn't think to ask i'll message her now x
oh I didn't think to ask i'll message her now x

Unfortunately anybody can call themselves rescue. We can only guarantee for our recommended rescues that they are run to a good standard.
Harley has the vets on Friday for a check up as he is on baytril for URI so i'll take the little one for a check up and get him registered x we done that when we got Harley at 9 weeks old as most vets give them a health check for free the same way they do with puppies and kittens
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