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Harry & Lloyd One Month On: Two Lovely Little Personalities Emerging :)

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Dec 3, 2014
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This weekend marks one month since Harry and Lloyd moved in, and the change in the pair of them in that short amount of time has been astounding, with two very distinct personalities emerging.

Harry looks permanently horrified at everything, which is all kinds of hilarious, loves his food and has just started taking a few titbits from our hands. He's the more wary/skittish of the two when he's in his cage. However, he loves lap time, and is the first to run over when we get the cosy out (which signifies time for cuddles) and will sit there for ages being stroked, making lovely little contented noises.


This is Harry enjoying lap time with my other half. We had Match of the Day on, with the sound off, in case you're wondering what he's looking at.

Lloyd is the smaller of the two, and the first out of the hidey hole when he hears me pottering about in the mornings, getting their food ready. If I put my hand in the cage without food, he'll always come over and have a good old sniff, and will come over to the sides of the cage to see what I'm up to when I sit with them in the spare room working.

Conversely, he's a little more restless during lap time, and spends much of the time sniffing around, trying to run down my top. He is getting calmer, but if he's not that into lap time, that's fine. I know not every piggy loves it. He loves the cosy, though, and will happily sit in there for ages.


Lloyd living it up in the cosy. He really loves it in there.

Together, the pair of them have started to show signs of vying for dominance, which we're keeping a close eye on, but it's funny to watch. Harry, you can tell, think he's in charge, but little Lloyd really gives him the run around.

The funniest reaction I've seen so far, which I'm really trying hard to record a brilliant version to share here, is when we put the cosy in the cage to signify lap time is imminent. No matter where they're hiding, both of them will come running out, skipping around, sniffing the cosy and take it in turns running in and out of it. They love it.

The week they arrived, you'd be hard-pushed to know we had any piggies at all, aside from the piles of poop they left throughout their cage and the fact the pile of veggies we put out for them would be gone, so it's really lovely to see them running around their cage, interacting with us and generally making themselves at home now.

Overall, what I'd say is, every thread on here that tells people to be patient with skittish and shy pigs when they first arrive is advice that is worth heeding, because ours are coming out of their shells a little bit more each day and it is a lovely sight to behold.
What a lovely update on your boys. I think it is fantastic they like the thought of lap time and actually climb into the cosy to be picked up. This is not common at all and a very trusting sign. They are both gorgeous.
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