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Harrys had his OP

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Hiya everyone. Harry is back and hes his normal daft self. his scars are higher than his testicles as they where undesended but this just means they will be less obvious in the future. the vet said he won all the nurses round with his cheeky nature! it cost £45 and even though he will be a bit sore I'm sure he'll forgive me! ill take a pic of his scar later as hes sleeping off the anasetic at the moment we just gotta hope he does a poop by tomorro lunch time otherwise he will have to go and see Macki again. Macki was brilliant he answered all my questions and he let me go and get harry just 2 hours after the op! hes inside untill hes healed just so i can keep an eye on him. x


I'm presuming this is a neuter op you are referring to.

My two boys were neutered last year to allow them to live with females. They were operated on by separate vets in the surgery. One pig healed beautifully as his op was done by a obviously more competent vet but the other pig wasn't so lucky. Poor Gordon's testicle area swelled up like a ping pong ball within a few days and an abscess set in. It was surgically drained and then it re-occured, despite him being placed on clean towels to keep him warm and dry. I took him to 4 different vets during that awful time and they all said that his stitches were incorrectly placed and had caused him great pain.

He was also given antibiotics with no probiotic! It was only when I investigated on the internet that it hit me about the importance of the probiotic. I went back to the surgery and they acted as though it was no big deal! Unfortunately, my Gordon's digestive system had been wrecked by a few days on baytil without the necessary probiotic to counteract its effects. I was so upset when I realised that such a necessary part of his treatment had been overlooked!

I am sure your Harry's vet is very competent and that Harry will be fine. However, I wanted to let you and others know about what happened to me. Keep checking Harry's nether regions for any signs of a swelling. It was more obvious looking at the guinea pig from behind. Gordon's botton was raised off the ground due to the large growth where his testcles were. He also started to puff up his coat and sat hunched up. This occured on day 3 after the surgery. Before that, he was acting fine and happy.

It was very unfortunate in that I received a student vet for this operation. The fully trained vet who oversaw the op was neutering my other male pig at the same time. He came through it with no problems and is a happy boy with 3 live-in girlfriends. I often think of Gordon however......


Hes back to his old self pooping for england lol! i am relaxed lol but trying to get used to having him in my room again! got his post op check tomorrow x


Harry has a week till he can see the ladies properly, the vet said 2 weeks from the date of his op! lol yay! I'm sure hes eager to see them again! they are all inside atm for the winter until the sheds insulated so he can smell and hear them but i just cant wait to see his face when he can live with them!
Feb 17, 2006
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Glad it went well and I hope he continues to heal well. Do bear in mind the kind advice of Boysmum as it is the aftercare that is important to avoid post op infection.
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