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Having A Blast Romping In The Snow!

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Jennifer D

Teenage Guinea Pig
Nov 21, 2014
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Alberta, Canada
I know it's supposed to be piggy pictures but... she was just having so much fun, I couldn't resist :) Of course, she just had to investigate the raspberry bushes and promptly got stuck in there lol She made a beeline straight back to her house when she heard an airplane though :) Smart bunny! This is the first time she's been out without her harness (I finally finished bunny proofing the yard- aside from the darn rhubarb that I have to chase her away from cuz the ground is too frozen to dig the darn thing up) and she was more than pleased not to have to suffer that darn thing on her!

Managed to find some grass lol

Pretty lady

Of course she had to investigate the raspberry bush

Getting braver and checking out the rest of the yard

Oddly enough, she seems to like the deeper snow!

Scared back into her pen by an airplane :)

Having a good nap after all the excitement!

Bit hesitant about venturing out!

And... she's off!

Hiding spot :)

Almost caught her mid binky :)
My 2 girls love the snow. I don't know what Ronnie is like in the snow as he was a house rabbit before coming to me.
Jude has the most amazing ears.
Aren't they wonderful?! I like the little black tips on the end. Although she looks quite similar to the wild jackrabbits that live on our street so Lord help me if she ever got away from me in the summertime! She grows a longer winter coat but she doesn't grow a white winter coat like the jackrabbits, so I feel a teeny bit more relaxed in the winter :)

Black-TailedJackrabbit12.JPG jackrabbit1.jpg
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My 2 girls love the snow. I don't know what Ronnie is like in the snow as he was a house rabbit before coming to me.
I'm glad someone else lets their bunnies romp in the snow! I wanted to have Jude as a house rabbit but she came from a farm and was born and raised outside and she turns into a real mean monster bunny when she's inside! Bunnies... they can be soooo moooody :) She LOVES it outside so I just suck it up and play with her out there! She likes to follow me around the yard and the dog has finally calmed down enough to come out on leash with us- for the most part she just ignores the bunny now. I think she's figured out that the wild rabbits and Jude are very different lol!
Don't know which is more fascinating, your bunny or all that snow! The pic of her sitting up with her little white tailed booty is cute as.
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