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Jul 31, 2020
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Can any of you fabulous guinea gurus help me with this hay related question - is Timothy hay essential if they are eating other hay?

My four girls have been inside since one was diagnosed with ringworm from the breeders as plastic cages are much easier to F10 down every couple of days than the hutch (which I’m ditching) whilst they are being treated. The new plan is to keep them inside permanently but since they’ve been inside my allergy induced asthma has been terrible. Had a good clean of the house at the weekend, sorted the cage and fungal bathed the pigs but only used meadow hay for bedding with a little bit of oat and chamomile and forage added to it in their mangers as I’m a couple of days off my HayBox delivery and was out of Timothy. Anyway my asthma is much better and I’m not covered in hives every time I pick them up or change their bedding so I think it was the Timothy that was the main culprit. Can they do without it permanently or just have it mixed into meadow in reduced amounts like I do with oat and chamomile as a treat?

thank you :)