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Hello I'm Back (for Good!)

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Jun 23, 2010
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Hello lovelies,

I haven't posted in a long, long time and to be honest I have missed the forum! Life been so hectic but I have missed reading about everyones pigs and the tribe (is weibke still on here?) as well as rescue updates and general chatter. I joined a wedding forum and mum to be forum since leaving and i never stuck around as they didn't have the same atmosphere. Truly missed life on TGPF. Its a little different and bright since I last logged in, but looking forward to catching up.

Life since I left the forum? Well I still have Tabby,3 ( local rescue) and Coby, 5 (NEGPR), and Artie,5. As you might know I lost Harvey this afty, and we still have Wazzle-Dog although her health has deteriorated (she's now 14!), I've married, stopped my cosie cup buisness, fell pregnant, lost my first baby, fell pregnant again (now 16weeks!), found a house, continued my illustrations and hope to my illustrations published one day but for now I'm happy where I am. :)

To end this post back I thought I'd share my wedding cake toppers as I know this forum will appreciate them!

Love, Laura x
:wel:back, nice to see you home again... :clap:
Nice to meet you. :)
Out of curiosity, what's with the forum name? You can guess why I picked mine :))
Again, nice to meet you and look forward to chatting on here :D
Hi Laura. Welcome back. It's good to see you back on here.

I deactivated my Facebook account a while ago although this is only temporary so I didn't know you are pregnant. Congratulations! I'm sorry about you losing your first x
Hi Laura! You have been missed. I am so sorry for your losses. Welcome back.
Welcome back, lovely to see you again. I'm really sorry about your baby and Harvey. Congratulations on your pregnancy though.

I still have some of your cozies by the way.
Hey Laura, it really is lovely to see you again. You have been missed.

So sorry to hear about your first baby, absolutely dreadful

Wonderful to have you back, have missed you and your piggies
Hello, I am so sorry for your loss but wish you all the best with this pregnancy. Your wedding cake was lovely! Cassandra x

Nice to meet you. Your wedding cake toppers were absolutely adorable! :)
Welcome back, and nice to meet you! :) I'm so sorry to hear of your losses but what fantastic news that you are expecting! Congratulations on your marriage - I am rather jealous of your cake toppers (I had seagulls as mine, haha!) x
Oh love sorry about your first pregnancy :(. All the best for a wonderful pregnancy this time :luv:

Lovely to see you again :hug:

I'm piggie less sadly but am mummy to a budgie Perry (erm found out Polly is indeed a boy!)

Yes Wiebke is still here she'll be thrilled to see you back again also.
Give Wazzle kisses from our Bella and little kisses for Coby Tabby and Artie :love::love::love::love:. Sorry about Harvey :(:(:(

Glynis xxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Laura and welcome back! So sorry for the bad times you've been through but yay for getting married (and double yay for guinea pigs on the wedding cake!) and yay for your pregnancy. Hope everything goes smoothly for you. Look forward to catching up on the piggy adventures
Welcome back (to you and your piggies!) and nice to meet you :D

And so sorry to hear about losing the baby...
Welcome back! Lovely to see you around again :nod:

You've had a busy old time with a lot of ups and downs but I'm glad to hear you feel you're in a good place now.
Just caught this - Welcome back Audioheart...albeit to a mixture of sad and happy news.

I will post on the infamous Harvey's RB thread tomorrow.

I'm so very sorry to hear you lost your hooman baby as well as your Furry one.
But I'm hoping your new pregnancy will give you lots of joy and happiness for many years to come (albeit more "out" than "in" LOL!)
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