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Hello I'm Piggy Number 5 :)

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Awww Look at your Bum Fur! :drool::drool: Do you have a name piggy 5?
Is that Alex in the first photo? sneaking a peak?
Yep it's Alex this is hopefully he's new friend Lee :) poor Alex we getting so down being on his own (oreo seems fine) so I had to find him a friend and fingers crossed here he is...they will both go in a big hutch in the spring this is just his temporary set up :)
No name yet, he came with the name shesha but my little one struggled with that and my son does not like it all so we're name hunting this evening :)
Lee....one hairy bott pic for youuuu
:love: Piggy no 5 you are gorgeous. I shall refer to you as Number 5 forever now no doubt! Looking forward to hearing your new name and seeing lots more of him. Good look with the introductions x
Not open for further replies.