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Help Fall Out!

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Polly and Rosie

Junior Guinea Pig
Dec 13, 2014
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I am looking after two piggies for someone and have placed them in the piggy room. Our piggies are in the room in a seperate cage from the new piggys aand have started fighting with teeth chattering. Can anyone help @Wiebke
They are both sows. My 2 are in one cage, the other piggies are in a seperate cage.
If one of your girls has got ovarian cyst/aggression issues, it can still upset a somewhat fragile balance. Can you split the cage to let them cool down and see how it goes after a bt of a breather? Sows don't need a buddy bath as that is there to remove any excessive testosterone stink from boars pee spraying.
They have seemed to have calmed down. I think I will leave them as there is no more agression.
Sows usually settle down much easier than boars, thankfully! I hope that they just had a spat and that things are going to back to normal.
Yes, will look out for more unusual behaviour and thanks for the links they were very helpful!
Oh good luck. I hope they settle. I looked after 2 boars for a friend last summer who looked like they were trying to kill each other when I put them on the lawn. I can only assume they could smell my girls had been there, as I kept them shut in the shed when the boys were out. They had been fine the previous year. It was horrible!
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