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Help Growing Grass

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Dec 2, 2014
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Hi, so I thought it would be nice to grow some grass for my two indoor piggies as we have none in our garden and wanted some that would be nice and fresh for them, I brought basic plain grass seed and a mesh basket and plant pot and it was growing brilliantly on my kitchen window :D success! 20150420_110752.jpg Rita and Leroy agreed, however after letting them munch away a bit I put it back by the window to grow some more again, yesterday I noticed it was all mouldy and white fluff growing all over it :( it def wasn't like that a couple of days ago! What am I doing wrong and any tips to successfully growing some lush green grass for them.20150321_190312.jpg
I am not very green-fingered myself. I've planted 5 piggies in my garden and nothing has come up!:)) But it sounds like those grass seeds were contaminated. Did the seeds look okay before you planted them?
Are your two piggies all right? Where did you get the seeds from? :hmm:
Yes I would be questioning the seeds too! Also, if they are over watered the damp can grow mould when there isn't a lot of ventilation inside.
I got the seeds from the range, they seemed fine were just loose in a cardboard box, I spent ages choosing them as didn't want anything with miracle grow or pesticides ect. I did water the pot for the first time after the pigs were finished so I'm thinking it was maybe over watered abit. The piggies are absolutely fine no side effects as it appeared after I let them munch it and I always check first, they just wanna know why the grass has gone the greedy things! I'm gonna start again with a new batch.
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