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help me

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i just been out to feed the piggies and bounty is dead i looked at her and one of her eye balls has gone, could she have been killed by one of the other sows, i cant believe this she is only 16 months old and she was ok yesterday
OMG what a shock for you. i havent got a clue what could of happened. have you taken her to the vets?
Oh crikey! What an awful shock, am so sorry! Haven't a clue what might've happened.. sows are not normally that agressive
she has been fine, she hasnt had no problems what i know of and she is my sons so he is going to be upset, she is the one who comes out the most and i fed them and i couldnt see her so i looked in the bed and she layed there, i looked closer and something has done something to her eye. i've had these sows since january and the lady who gave them to me said they all get on fine there is 4 of them and they have had a few fights since i have had them but nothing serious.
so sorry to read this. Must have been an awful shock

I'm sorry but i also don't have a clue what happened. Have you taken her to the vet?
They Might be able to help

i only just found her 5-10 minutes ago, i come straight on here, I'm just so shocked she was fine she is always running about, when my partner gets home he is going to look at her
has another animal got into the area? personally i would take her to the vets just incase its something that the other can get. you never know. i have sows and they arent aggressive at all unless she caught it on something.

this is her

I'm just completely shocked
I'm going to wait for my partner to get her out so he can look at her
i cant look at her anymore, I'm too upset
Like Michele said is it possible for an animal/cat to get to her? I have 8 sows together, 3 are babies but they get on fine.. I have never heard of a sow being so agressive..?

Sorry again for your loss?I know you can't look at her, but is she still with the others?
she is just laying in the bed area i can block it of, there is no way of any cat or animal getting in there its is secure, the bit where she is laying in is completely enclosed

they have had one fight b4 where one of them got bit and they had a scab on the back and lost some fur.
i was giving these piggies and told they are all fine together, maybe she has caught something
I'm going to look on the net to see if she has caught something
i've blocked it of
i have no clue in what could of happened
when i went back out there all the other sows was gathered around her, i had another look and the socket is just pink
Oh my goodness, I am so sorry, I hope you find out what happened!
I am so so sorry, both for the loss of your darling piggie, and for the circumstances. Huge hugs coming your way.x
Oh my goodness Kellie I'm so sorry. What a terrible shock for you.

Thinking of you
Kellie is it possible she died of natural causes and a rat got in and took her eye, for the life of me I cannot imagine another sow would do this I have 19 all together in one hugh indoor run and the only problem I've ever had is barbaring, mine all are very close when one is ill or dying,
I found a field mouse in my boys shed the other day despite having a 2ft wire fence across the bottom of the door so I have to climb over it every morning, so cannot see how the damn thing got in, I must admit i fightened the living daylights out of it and have'nt seen it again despite a humane trap with cheese in the shed ( I could'nt hurt it) so as my hubby says mice and rats can get in the smallest hole, and I could'nt find one so maybe this happened to Bounty, poor little love, I'm so sorry for that to have happened to you its beyond belief, let us know if you find any reason for it,
I am so sorry to read that you have lost one of your angels Kelly.

I too cannot shed any light on what has happened apart from to say it is extremely unlikely that another pig did it.
Omg that must have knocked you sideways poor you sorry about bounty i dont know how that could have happend and wouldnt like to guess as ive never had a sow :S

despite a humane trap with cheese in the shed
we have a mice problem as we live near a rail way and we found cheese never works try chocolate tuna or peanut butter that gets us the best results

sorry again about bounty x
i have to say i think you are all right she probably died, then a mouse or rat got to her, all the others were gathered around her today, i cant see them doing it, i was so shocked i didnt know what to think.
i think it may have been the cold weather, i have wrapped them up in extra bedding tonight,
i feel so bad
aww you shouldn't feel bad it wasn't your fault nature works in strange ways hope you and your sons ok x
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