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Help My 4yr Olds Allergic!

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Jan 6, 2015
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Surrey uk
Hi can anyone give me any advice we have had the Guineas (as youngest calls them) for a month and since getting them his eyes have been watering whenever he's at home and he's come out in a rash that he picks all over his face.i was just wondering if there's anything I can do? We don't really have much room to put then abyrhmwmm3
Please see your gp about medication or desensitation.
What kind of bedding are you using? What kind of hay? I've owned small animals since I was a child, in spite of allergies that I thought were to the animals themselves. As it turns out, I am just really, REALLY allergic to a lot of beddings, especially back in the old days when most beddings were wood-based. I'm allergic to wood shavings to the point that my eyes would puff shut when cleaning the cage out. After I switched to paper bedding, my allergies improved somewhat, and I have finally found a brand that doesn't bother me so I don't have to wear a mask when cleaning the cage anymore. A lot of people are also allergic to hay as opposed to the animals themselves. My daughter's best friend is so allergic to the hay that she has to take Claritin before coming over. So first I would try to pinpoint the allergy- is it the pigs themselves? The bedding? The hay? You can also see your doctor about allergy testing to help pinpoint the problem if it's hard to come up with the answer by process of elimination.
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