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Help with dental issue

Barry .

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Aug 3, 2018
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This is a bit of a long one but I am desperate any light that can be shed or advice would be greatly appreciated or if this sounds like something very similar you experienced with one of your piggies please help me :(

She is 3 female lives with 2 other piggies male and a female. They live in a c&c and have access to outdoors every day. they have Burgess excel hay, veg and grass and she’s always been our number 1 eater! For awhile I noticed genital discharge In the form of strange white Tubes of smelly discharge. I wasn’t sure if it was a uti or reproductive discharge. In last 3 weeks noticed her dropping /unable to chew eat veggies properly - i had also noticed a bad smell from her breath. The last vegetable she seem to be able to eat was spinach.

On Thursday 27th august she had a serious decline and was about to die. I took to vet she had lost alot of weight vet said molars overgrown trapping her tongue. She underwent dental surgery clipped the teeth. He left her incisors- didnt clip those even though they have some sharp points left from the lack of wearing them down- iv read up on this and understand sometimes leave these teeth. The Vet said she had alot of ulcers and he said he thought there was a kidneys infections / uti which had led to the bad infections and ulcerations of her mouth. He gave us no pain relief or metacam we were just given baytril - this was weird to us dont know why we werent given them

She came home friday afternoon very wobbly shakey - post anesthesia etc - very quiet and lethargic. We had supreme care food and switched to emeraid care. Sometimes she takes it and water willingly and other times it’s a struggle. She seemed to like emeraid a lot more and we have been syringe feeding and syringe water since friday afternoon and giving her antibiotics 0.3ml twice a day since.

She shows an interest in her food squeaking for veg wanting to try but cant due to pain/ the ulcers/ idk - she had this interest before she underwent surgery. She has not been eating her burgess excel / hay/ grass/veggies or drinking by herself at all really apart from some interest and very futile attempts

She has been very comferted by her two friends company and affection seeks grate comfort from her sisters cuddles and grooming each other. she skips around and skuttles around ( has been having lots of cuddles with me) licking me and having chin tickles etc. However sometimes she peaks and troughs and in her troughs shes very quiet and just sits - her dull little eyes. This morning our concern has been over those 4 days she doesnt Wee or poo frequently her and gential area smells so strongly of concentrated urine. She sat with me an hour this morning and didnt wee at all - we could be looking at a deeper kidney problem here. And we gave her tiny bits of spinach this morning. I noticed her drooling ( she slobbered green sludge all over my top) And Her breath was smelly again. I’m Really worried and my heart is absolutely breaking she is so precious to us. We are left with a tricky situation

Situation A - she may recover once we finish antibiotics and keep syringing water and food to nurse her back to health abit longer and by some miracle she resume eating drinking asap due to a nightmare risk of her molars growing again which would be terrible after all she went throught

Situation B - we cant keep syringing her forever. Her teeth will start to grow back again. Maybe the infection is very rampant. Is she still in pain ? If its a deeper problem with her kidneys or very rampant infection then we cant do anymore if it isnt just a simple matter of teeth recovery ...and her quality of life fails to improve she will have to be euthanasied ( traumatising ).
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Jul 31, 2017
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Hi there. Sorry to hear your girl is unwell. I don’t have any experience but would take her back to the vet if she doesn’t seem to be eating etc. With regards syringe feeding, you need to aim for 60ml in a 24 hour period. Weigh her daily at the same time and adjust the syringe feeding accordingly - she needs to be maintaining and not losing.

I would also ask the vet for painkiller as her teeth may still be sore. I’ll tag @furryfriends (TEAS) who has experience with dental piggies.

Please can you add your location (county/state or country) to your profile. It makes it easier when giving you advise.

I'm going to try and edit your post to make it a little easier to read.

I forgot to add that spinach is not a good veg to be fed too often - it’s high in calcium. Hay is the most important thing in her diet and if she’s not eating enough she will lose weight.