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heres my lot.. much clearer!

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got a digi cam at last YAY! anyways now i have pics that are much clearer hope you all like them sorry if they are too big i dont know how i resize x

Tia and Maria:
Maria is the one with a cream patch Tia is behind her

Maria shying away


Tia looking at me!

Harry looking for abby

Having a sniff of the table

His choc patch

Eddie and Zubin:
Eddie on top of the fiddle stix

Eddie having a sniff of the table

and from his choc side

His beautiful markings

Zubin having a sniff

Zubin from his white side

Ed giving his big bro a kiss

best of friends

looking around

and finally their shed not very posh but its practical...

hope you like them xx
Not open for further replies.