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Hibiscrub For Castrated Guinea Pig?

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Mar 7, 2015
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My boar was recently neutered and I want to do all I can to ensure the site doesn't gain any infection. Could I use Hibiscrub on the area?
Also, what SHOULD the area look like post op?
Thanks x
I have had several of my boars neutered recently by the same, very experienced vet. The area is shaved and there are two small wounds, one on each side with small neat stitches. In almost all cases, the stitches have fallen out by themselves (I only had one where they had to be removed). I didn't use any kind of disinfectant with any of them and just kept them on vet bed for the first few days to make sure bedding didn't get into the wounds. You need to look out for swelling, inflamation and lumps. The main complication with neutering is abscesses, which can occur weeks after the op. Hibiscrub is fine to use, if you want to, but in general I don't think it's necessary.
If you feel the need to keep the area clean, it won't hurt to swab the area with diluted hibiscrub. one of our boars likes to lay in a wet patch so we felt that his wound area clean.
I understand from a previous post that your guinea pig was neutered last week . Some vets use dissolve-able stitches and some use glue. It is normal for there to be a little bit of swelling at the operation site initially - but this should settle . I advise you to check the operation site once or twice a day. If the area becomes more red or more swollen, I would advise you to make an appointment with your vet for a check up.
Hibiscrub shouldn't be use on a open wound generally, although I know your not dealing with a 'open' wound at the moment as its been stitched.
We use to use diluted hibiscrub a ratio of 1:15-1:20 when I worked at the vets to clean wounds that had been stitched and were looking asif they had slight infection. However like Elwickcavies said, I don't think its necessary unless you have reason to suspect infection. Just make sure the bedding is cleaned regularly so he isnt sitting in his own wee and things :)
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