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Holiday Arrangements

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May 14, 2014
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Hertfordshire uk
Hi all,
Me and the other half are planning a holiday in Feb for 10 days. I was wondering what kind of arrangements people made when they went away for Guinea Pig care. I can get someone to pop in to give them their veggies each day and pop some extra bedding in if it gets cold (they are outside pigs) but I am not sure what to do about exercise and cleaning etc. as most of my friends aren't exactly used to looking after piggies and the only person I know who is is my 10 year old cousin who has two of his own, but i don't want to leave all of their care down to him.

I can help it, I don't really want to move them from their home either.

Would very much appreciate any advice :)
I'm lucky in that my parents will have my piggies at their house. Personally I think they are better to go there, rather than have someone come in, they get more attention (or even just be around people) and they can see if the shy needs topping up etc.

Could you ask around and see if anyone could look after them for you? I think it's a good opportunity for someone who doesn't have a pet, especially children. To see if they would like a pet long term.

You could also ask on here, I know I'd better happy to 'pig sit' for anyone local to me!
You know what makes me mental about boarding piggies where I am? They all require the pigs to be in their own cages! But apparently a CxC cage isn't acceptable! ARGH! Not like they're easy to transport anyways! lol! I did end up finding one that has some lovely little runs (inside) with a covered eating/sleeping area so that was nice, but with all my searching, that's the only one I've been able to find! Nice thing is, if I have to board the pigs and rabbit, obviously I'll have to board my dog too and since they board dogs, small pets, birds etc. Everyone can stay in one place! Hahaha
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