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Housecleaning All Done For Today

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Jan 2, 2015
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Ontario, Canada
Not sure which of my piggies had the party last night, but there was hay all over their kitchen this morning! Of course, both looked innocent during the interrogation and no one admitted anything. Not a problem; their house is all put back with fresh fleece, water, and kibble ... sans hay on the floor! Here are the before and after pictures!
image.jpg image.jpg
They never jump out, unless we encourage it (which we don't very often) but they always jump back in. So after floor time, they just go home. It's handy.
I really like your cage, did you build it yourselves? Or is it a repurposed bit of furniture? How high are the sides?
That's brilliant I love recyling and seeing people put up pictures of home made enclosures. Is it a cardboard box? Or wood?
It's lined with plastic, then a waterproof barrier and then a layer of chucks (blue hospital pads). We use enough layers of terry cloth and flannel and cotton with fleece on top to prevent the chucks from needing to be changed very often. It's in our living room so the piggies are with company all the time. Here is my view from the lazy boy where I a.m. enjoying my FIRST coffee of the day (this time change has wrecked my Sunday, haha. It's already 11:30!)
Mr. Lily is enjoying my apple core.
OK, going to try this one. I want to figure out which link to use so you can stay in the forum and not jump to Photobucket to view the video... Let's see what this one does...
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