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How Do You Weigh Your Guinea Pig/s?

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Dec 25, 2014
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Lancashire, UK
How do you weight your guinea pig/s? I'm debating whether to invest in some pet scales and wondered what you do?
I use some salter scales. With the dish included. I cannot remember what it was exactly as it was a while ago, but I know they have stood the test of time.
I just use kitchen scales from the supermarket. That is enough to give me the relative weights and tells me when I need to see a vet! ;)
How do you get your pigs to keep still, do you sit them in a box?

They will learn the routine, especially if you praise them for sitting still, but if they are very wiggly, you can always use a lidded cardboard box or a suitable hidey to weigh them in.
I use ones similar to the scales pictured above. My girls just sit still on them, they don't seem to mind it :)
I use a food scale. I calibrate it to 0 with a basket on top, then put the pig in the basket to weigh.
I use a normal food scale and I put their plastic house upside down and they just sit there.
Normal digital food scale - with nice plastic tupperware container on the top and then zero it before adding "piggie" (container is high-sided enough to stop them escaping)
I have some small digital food scales. They do move about a bit but can usually get them to sit still for just about long enough to get an accurate reading.
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