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How Old Are Your Pigs?

How old are you guinea pigs?

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Sep 30, 2014
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I thought it would be interesting to find out how old all your guinea pigs are x Answer the question for each of your piggies x Also comment down below what's the oldest one of you guinea pigs has lived for?
Mine are 2 years upwards, with the eldest being Star who I think is about 7. My oldest living pig was Terk who was also 7. Most of mine are around 4-5 I think.
2 years upwards, I think. They were at least six months old when I got them. Oldest guinea pig I've had lived to be around seven or eight.
Monty is 7 months, so I put him as 6 months. The girls are both nearly 1 year, but I could only put one vote for this. Eddie is over 5 years :)
Ellie is 7.5+ ish. Grace is about 3. I've had both about 2.5yrs.

Mine that I've had from youngsters have usually been with me for 4-5 yrs on average.

But I've only really known 3 of my furballs as babies :)
All the rest have been rescued or rehomed by me :) but all have been about 5 when I've lost them :(
So never known for sure. Xx
Matthew is unknown but we estimate he's roughly the same age as Romano. I got Romano 12 weeks old back in 2011 in roughly July I think it was.

Ryou and Sakurai are roughly 1 and a half -2 years old.
Brodie is 4 - tomorrow
Whiskey and Rascal are 20 months
Rio and Vader are 16 months
Tyrion is 3 months

Guiness was 5 years old when he died
my oldest 2(butter and fluff) will be will be 6 in April,
followed by a nilla who is 5 this month,
Toffee will be 5 in april,
phoebe and nelly who will be 4 in October,
Rose is 2
snowy will be 2 next month,
Maria and new piggy are about 18 months and better
betty is 15 months.

billy was roughly 6 when he passed, he came from the rspca and I didn't know how old he was.
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