How To Clean A Fabric Pop Up Play Pen


New Born Pup
Nov 24, 2017
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We’ve had our pigs Nibbles and Cookie for two months now. They lasted a week outside before I felt too guilty and brought them inside. I bought them an indoor cage and a friend gave me her foldable run. I was transferring them from one to the other morning and night but they were fighting loads in the cage (which I now realise was waaaaay too small). So I made an executive decision and they now live permanently in the play pen. We love them, and they tear about their space squeaking with glee. They have a fleece cosy bed, a tunnel, I’ve made them a hay dispenser and I’ve moved onto fleece bedding backed with mattress protectors, which I made. Erm I’ve spent waaaaaaaay more money and time than I said I would on these pigs. Oops.

I just went to clean them out and the bottom of the play pen (supposedly waterproof) STINKS of urine. It smells like ammonia. I cleaned it as best I could with the clean and safe disinfectant. It smells on the under side of the base though which suggests liquid has seeped.

We live in rented accommodation and my landlord will not be happy if we ruin the carpet. Also I’m really sensitive to smell and this is the sort of thing that drives me crazy! I change the fleece bedding every 3 days as it is.

I really don’t want to have to buy another pen, but I need to get this smell out. I think the pigs are burrowing down the edge of the fleece bedding to pee as the smell seems to be concentrated in one area. Any thoughts? Hosing the whole thing down is no good as it would need to dry before I put them in it. Really want to avoid another enclosure purhase. Thanks in advance.