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I Couldn't Wait Any Longer....my Tree Is Up :)

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Thank you :) when do you put your tree up?

Ive just thought really need a mirror above the fireplace it looks plain a boring...top of my list for the January sales I think ;)

Tree ? Me? - you're talking to the biggest Bah Humbugger in town !

I've got 2 strands of tinsel and a "Merry Xmas" window sticker on standby - to go up sometime in Dec !

I agree - a Mirror would look lovely but they can be very pricey so you are wise to wait until the sales.
It looks so pretty! Getting ours next weekend when my daughter comes home from college. We always all go and choose one and she loves to decorate it, so couldn't possible risk the wrath of Jess by getting one sooner!
It looks lovely! And those glasses are hilarious! I'm definitely looking for those! You always find great stuff for the kids (and you!) x
Xmas is not my favourite time of the year either. Because my three year old granddaughter lives with me with my daughter and her fella I have to get into the Christmas spirit.
Though I'd got away from festivities this year, my son is going to friends daughter grand daughter and son in law to his parents. Yeah I tnought bit of peace and quite. But no my eldest son seems to have made it his mission to make me happy, since my divorce 3 years ago. So I'm going there nice to be with my other 4 grandchildren tho but my mums going too as is my brother . I just hope there is a lot of stiff drinks :beer: x
Your tree is lovely @MycuteBoys
Your house is also very tidy and well put together. The best description of our house is "eclectic" LOL!
You shoul look in TK Max for a mirror, they have lovely ones in there.
My daughter got a beauty from tkmax, I want it but she won't let me have it x
Suppose she's just an in law tho lol x. Your house Cassandra is what's called interesting and not boring ! Although that house was picture perfect wasn't it xx lucky person lol x
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