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i dont know what to do :(



so i’ve recently saw lice walking on a black patch of my guinea pigs fur, near her eye. so i can’t take her to the vet by myself.
me and my dad did go to a vet a few weeks ago and they said they couldn’t do checkups but said that from what i’ve described (a white tiny bug) they said it’s lice. they gave me a treatment to put onto her back, so i did. the treatment worked for about a week, but for the past week she’s been scratching a lot and making weird noises, i want what’s best for her and if i could i would take her to the vet right now but my parents said that there is no need to take her.
i’ve done so much research...
whenever i touch her when she’s in her cage she always jumps, and scratches, and she also sometimes puts her head to the side and scratches and even bites some of her fur off? i stroked her on her back as i wanted to see if she only reacts that way when i touch her on her head, however she made a weird noise and jumped up and scratched even more...
i feel so bad for her and there’s nothing i can do, i keep trying to tell my parents to let me take her to the vet, but in the meantime what should i do? and does anyone have a idea of what’s going on? :(