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I Had To Take My Guinea Pig Twix To Petsmart To Get Looked At By A Vet!

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Dec 29, 2010
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I called PetSmart where I got my Guinea Pig Twix that was breathing heavily. They said I could bring him back and they could give me the money back for him on the basis that they will sell him back to me after they have him looked at by a Veterinarian and see if there is anything wrong and if there is they will get him treated and when he's better they will sell him back to me. They got my information so they can call me when the Vet looks at him and tell me what the Vet thinks is wrong with him. So he's in good hands right now. He will be missed until I get him back but I still love him and I think he knows that. I really need some prayers for his health though because he was breathing really heavily and he was warm (like he felt like he might have had a fever) and I hadn't seen him drink at all today but maybe he drank when I was sleeping and wasn't looking. Please pray for my baby boy Twix cuz I'm afraid if they can't get him looked at soon he will die. And I don't want that because I am already really in love with his sweet little Guinea Pig self. Thank you for the prayers if you do pray for my baby Guinea Pig. And and they said he probably has a URI if anything. So it's probably a good thing I'm getting him seen for that because can't that be fatal sometimes?

Here's the video I made of him right before he went back.
Bless him. I would keep an eye on the other two as well incase he has passed anything on.

Wishing him a speedy recovery!
The sooner URI is treated, the better and the greater the chances of a good recovery! I wish Twix all the best!

URI happens typically in young, stress or ill piggies whenever the immune system is lowered; it is quite infectious although most healthy piggies with a fully working immune system can fend off the bacteria and won't catch it from their companions. There are sadly a few strains that can hit out of the blue and kill very quickly, but that is not what you are dealing with here, so please take heart!

It seems that having to sell and buy back your guinea pig is the new rule in US pet shops with in-house vet care. We have just heard a similar story from another member, whose little one has made a good recovery.
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