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I have Bernie trained


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Jun 24, 2018
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Northampton uk
I will try to get a video of this soon, over the last few months, because Dot is a vegetable monster and eats her share and half of bernies, I decided to train bernie to eat inside his carrot cottage, so I started putting his veg down in his cottage doorway. Now he has got in this routine so often, everytime I come in with the veg, he runs off at high speed, straight into the cottage, does a 180 spin and head butt's the doorway roof about 4 times with some force behind it. ( he's saying hurry the hell up)

The funny part is, when I scatter feed diced cucumber now, he doesn't understand, he's sitting there headbutting his house, over and over, whilst dot is hoovering up the chunks lol. I love him so much, he's a brilliant character, dopey, friendly, and keeps himself to himself IMG_20191215_231019.jpg