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I'm A Busy Bee :)

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Jun 15, 2014
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Nr Bourne, Linconshire, uk
Hiya everyone, I just want to apologise to any one ive not replied to latley and to explain briefly why....

I love being part for this forum but ive not had much time to get onto here over the last week or two, the reason....because ive finally after a long stressful battle.... found a place of my own and fingers cross i move with my children in appox 3 weeks.
New year new start

A huge huge thank you to Ruth @Flutterby David @Davey-cavy Katie @katie-elizabeth Heather @TheFurryGodmother and Jen @Jen H for all the kindness and support you have shown me during these difficult few months your all amazing x x
I may not be on here for a while due to the move but I will be back asap :)
Ive noticed you haven't been around! That's so exciting! Good luck with the move, what a lovely way to start the new year! I hope it all goes smoothly!

I hope everyone is well!xx
Good luck with the move Kell, and if I can be of any help with anything let me know! Thank you for all the support you've given me too, means the world. <3 x
Thank you Abbie, ive been so busy house hunting, stressing, and hunting for the best buys to fill the gaps of things I'm not taking that ive not had much time to spend on here sadly I really miss it but this is a busy time with soooo much to plan and sort so ive just got to get that all out the way then I will be back properly :)
My children and my boys are all fine x
Oh well done on finding a new place. That is wonderful. I hope you will all be very happy in your new home.
Really pleased you have found somewhere and you can all start afresh. Hope the move goes ok.
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