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I'm Booking The Neutering Appointment On Monday...

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Teenage Guinea Pig
Aug 25, 2012
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South East England
I'm booking Boris in to be neutered this Monday, with the appointment for the following week (Half-term, can give him my full attention!) - I'm bricking it! He's a bit of a runty pig (not in size, he's a chunk) but he seems to consistently have sperm rods or dry skin, so I'm very nervous he won't pull through this op. I've been terrified of neutering my boars since they fought but I can see they're miserable not having the physical company of other pigs, so I'm going ahead with it! Any tips to prep him (or me!) would be great
Reasonably experienced from what I've gathered, he's the vet that neuters all the small furries for my local rescues. When I book the appointment though I'm going to question him thoroughly anyway, to be sure
If he neuters for a rescue he is likely to be fairly experienced, but don't be scared to ask lots of questions. I get all the boars I rehome neutered before they are adopted and they have sailed through the op with no issues. It is a straightforward op with an experienced vet, although there is always going to be some risk, as with any surgery.
You should be fairly safe then! Thankfully, the success rate with a good and experienced vet is high - finding the best vet is the most crucial bit for minimising any risks. Elective surgery always comes with more apprehensions; that is in the nature of the thing! :mal:

What you can do to be prepared for all emergencies:
- make sure that you have got hand feed, probiotics etc. handy in case the appetite doesn't come back soon after an operation. At the best, your boy should carry on as if nothing untoward has happened. Please be aware that the poos can take a day or so to normalise again in the wake of an operation.
- ask your vet when you collect him how soon after the operation he can have painkillers in case he is not picking up and is looking very off.
- check your boy once during the first night to whether the freshly operated scars are OK and he's not biting them. This is much less of a problem these days thanks to much improved operating practices and keyhole surgery.
- please see your vet or an emergency vet if your boy is very apathetic and/or suddenly going of his food at any time; it is usually the sign of an infection taking hold.
- see your vet if there is a swelling in groin area in the following weeks. It is mostly likely an abscess, much more rarely a hernia. Thankfully, there are strong antibiotics these days that can cut through abscesses if baytril isn't doing the trick.

I will keep my fingers crossed that your boy has a smooth ride and can enjoy a very happy married life! My four "husboars" are wishing him the best of luck!
Thank you both, I'm really excited to finally be starting with this course of action, it will be lovely to see both of my boys happy with wives again!
I'm opting for Boris to be first as he does suffer with sperm rods, so he'll benefit more immediately. Badger will be neutered shortly after Boris, and then we wait!
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