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Importance Of Quarantine

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Aug 9, 2012
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While it is certainly exciting when we bring home new piggies, and many of us want to immediately start introducing them to the rest of the family and our other piggies, it is essential that proper quarantine measures are followed in order to protect our resident animals. This is paramount if the piggies have come from pet shops, or anywhere other than a reputable rescue (where the piggies would already have undergone quarantine before being rehomed, and usually also treated for lice/mites).

Effective quarantine can prevent the spread of parasites and illness!

Important steps to take include:
- Quarantine a new guinea pig for 2-3 weeks, ideally behind a closed door and in another room from any existing guinea pigs.

- Always wash your hands and change your clothes between handling the new pig and your existing ones (parasites can be passed to piggies from our clothes).

- Handle, feed and clean out your own piggies before you deal with the newbie, so you are much less likely to carry something across.

- wash any fabrics in contact with a quarantine piggy at least at 60 C; that includes your own clothing!

- A vet check-up is recommended as soon as possible to rule out illness

If you witness any signs that your new piggy is unwell, do not introduce them to your resident piggies until they have been properly treated.

Qualifier for quarantining babies and young guinea pigs under 4 months old:

Babies and youngsters are not wired to be on their own and can really struggle being away from any other guinea pig. In these cases you have to weigh up the desperate need for companionship against the effort of having to treat a comfort mate of yours with them.

- If the new baby is to join your single bereaved guinea pig or bonded pair, then just introduce on neutral ground (never just stick a new guinea pig into the cage of another one!) and if necessary have them all vet treated.
- If a new baby from an unquarantined background arrives at your home that has more than a pair of guinea pigs , then please consider quarantining with a properly introduced companion piggy of yours in a separate room, so you can address the problem of companionship but limit the number of guinea pigs that could be affected.

Guinea pigs from good standard rescues with a mandatory quarantine, a pregnancy watch for sows and full vet care if ill do NOT require a quarantine upon arrival because they are only put up for adoption when they are healthy!
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