Important Guinea Pig Info - Hot Weather, CCT, Holiday Boarding, Stores

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Jan 23, 2006
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Handy Guinea Pig Tips

Hot Weather

Bottles filled with water and put in the freezer. When cold enough wrap them with a thin sheet of towel and the piggies like sitting next to these or on them.
Hot water bottle not filled with hot water but with ICE
If the sun beats through the window put a car windscreen shade on it
By Piggiewiggy

Keep the curtains closed so the midday sun doesn't heat the room and extra cucumber for them to suck on
By DebbieR

A window open and a fan on which is not directly on them.
By kellyandpiggies

A thin cotton drape over one end of the hutch when I am out, an open window too. Lots of cucumber and melon.
A spray bottle of water.
Cooler baths
By Lucinda

If you would like to add your Hot Weather Tips to this page, add your ideas on the following link -


Cambridgeshire Cavy Trust - CCT
1 Splash Lane
PE28 2AF

Surgery hours are by appointment only: Call or text Vedra on: 07721026401

CCT is a charity and relies heavily on donations and volunteers. Membership is £25 a year, there is no consultation fee for rodents and dental work and routine nail clipping is done free of charge


Holiday Boarding Places

Here is a list of places which you can trust to use if you go on holiday.
(If anyone has anymore please PM me and I will add to this list) (Dutton, Cheshire (this is owned by Gina who runs the CCT's leatures)) (Stroud, Gloucestershire) (Leeds) (I personally use this one and recommend) (Tangley near Andover) (Dudley, West Midlands)** (list of some others) West Kent (I use this one and would highly recommend - Julie (boureki) )

PM a moderator if you know of any other Holiday Boarding Places.

Online Animal Supplies and Pet Stores
(when ordering please mention you were recommended by reading guinea pig rescue)
(this will raise funds for guinea pigs)

PM a moderator if you know of any other online animal supplies or stores.
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