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Important Info If Your Pigs Has Tumors

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Apr 22, 2015
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Guinea Pig cancer treatment with prednisone

Most research on veterinary care for small animals centers around cats and dogs. There is not a large
body of research to draw on for guinea pigs. Many folks don’t even know that you can bring your piggy
to a vet. Because of this lack of research I would like to share my experience with my guinea pig.

At the end of September 2014, our guinea pig, Chocolate had several large lumps on his body. The year
before he had had one lump. The veterinarian had said that it might be cancer, but we would have to
wait and see. At this point our pig had four lumps – it was getting worse quickly. One of the lumps was
pinching a nerve in his back leg. He went from a seemingly healthy pig to one who could not walk in one

We took him to the vet and she prescribed prednisone, a steroid and anti-cancer drug. Even with it, she
said, he probably only had a few weeks to live. She said that the drug would work but that its effects
would wear off as the body got accustomed to it. When we took up the offer of trying the prednisone,
the vet said that we were the first family to even try it. Everyone else had opted to put their pig “to
sleep” that day.

That prednisone was a miracle drug. It must have actually shrunk his tumors a bit because the pressure
was relieved from his leg and he was able to walk again. We basically expected him to die anytime given
the few week prognosis, but at least he was more comfortable. At one point we increased his dosage
slightly when we saw his tumors grow slightly.

Our little pig lived for over six months with the prednisone. Considering the short lifespan of a guinea
pig we thought that was pretty amazing. Even more importantly, he was otherwise healthy and
appeared to be pain free until the last couple days.

We do understand that we were a bit lucky too. If one of his many tumors had been near a vital organ
we would have lost him sooner. But considering the lack of studies out there, anecdotes may be
important in the decision making process.

I hope that this story helps you in your exploration of healing for your guinea pig.


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Jul 15, 2012
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:wel:to the forum..

Interesting reading, we are tagging @Pebble for you as she will know much more about this than we do.

We are sorry for your loss, please feel free to post a tribute to Chocolate in our Rainbow bridge section.

In the meantime can you please add your location to your profile as it helps fellow members give any answers to questions you may have that may be area/country specific. This can be done by clicking on your username, then personal details, then add location......

Lisa & Ali..


Oct 12, 2009
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I am so sorry you lost Chocolate to this horrible disease....but equally this is yet another case history to show that prednisolone steroid treatment can "assist" in prolonging and providing a good life for piggies in certain circrumstances.

Thank you for sharing ---as it must still be very raw for you. You are very brave.

Popcorn free little Chocolate......your family awaits you at the Brdige.
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